** Winner of the NEFA National Theatre Project What happens when you can't protect your own kid from the cruelty of her friends? Allison is a single mother who spends a whole school year trying to fight her daughter's bullies while being haunted by memories of her own experiences growing up. Humorous, thoughtful and honest, Out of Bounds weaves together video, comic books and interviews to tell the stories of kids stuck on the outside and the adults who feel powerless to help them.
Part theatre, part live action game, The Riot Ballet is an interactive theatre event that takes the audience on journey through the experience of a group of recruits charged with keeping the peace. The Riot Ballet has installations of video, sound collage, diorama. It ends with an event, The Riot Ballet, that connects the pieces. The Riot Ballet was developed with support from the Canadian Council for the Arts.
In 1994, 16 year old David finds himself in Uganda as a church missionary. When he follows the girl of his dreams into the woods to help a Rwandan boy find his parents, he enters a world from which he will never fully be able to escape.
A combination of theater, dance, and documentary The Broken Chord is a performance that focuses directly on the plight of family members and health professionals tasked with aiding those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.